Content Views Pro Plugin for WordPress: jWeb Product Review

There is a saying amongst programmers: “Work smarter, not harder.” It is important to look for ways to be more efficient when updating or creating a new website. Web developers will often find themselves confronted with odd problems and situations that they haven’t tackled before that often take too many work hours to research and troubleshoot. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to make the more monotonous and repetitive tasks as simple as possible.

Here at jWeb, we use a plugin called Content Views Pro that cuts the amount of plugins we need in half and reduces the amount of code required to create certain elements.

Simple & Direct Installation for Newbies

Content Views Pro is a plugin for WordPress sites, which are known for their convenience. This plugin is no exception. Content Views Pro is simple to install and use. Simply purchase a license for the plugin, upload it, and begin creating layouts for your content.

Dynamic Web Pages with the Touch of a Button

While flashy 3D effects haven’t been essential to web design for a long time, users still expect a certain amount of interaction with their content. Before I started using Content Views Pro, I spent a lot of time creating code to create dynamic web pages. Now without a single bit of code, you can create:

  • Sliders
  • Carousels
  • Accordion-styled lists
  • Timelines
  • Glossaries
  • Pinterest-like galleries

The “no coding” option is especially helpful when we give the final product to our clients. Updates and changes are a constant part of web maintenance and we like empowering our clients to make the changes.

Responsive Organization Saves Time in the Future

The plugin makes it easy to create grid layouts with any number of columns and rows that degrade nicely on mobile devices. These animated and structural elements, though easy for your average web developer to code, take time to organize and document for future developers. With Content Views, it can all be done in the admin of WordPress without any knowledge of JavaScript and CSS.

Makeover Your Site via Content Views Pro

Styling is also made easy through the use of the style settings—no CSS required. The font type, color, size, weight, and background color are all customizable through the WordPress admin. Even the margins and border radius can be controlled from the plugin.

All in all, Content Views Pro offers a fleet of convenient features without inconveniencing you in other ways. Anyone can use it. This is the ultimate goal of a developer: to build a website intuitively enough that a client can, post-launch, take on full control (without breaking anything!).

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