3 Blogs Every Web Developer Should Check Out

Every web developer knows the power of a good Google search when faced with a developing problem. Learning how to search the right keywords and then knowing which search results will yield helpful hints is key to getting answers to your very specific questions.

There are countless forums where we computer geniuses can trade advice, hacks, and tricks. But when it comes to keeping up with the latest and greatest or finding one place with consistently reliable information, things can get tricky. I chalk that problem up to the fact that developers are less concerned with writing official blogs and more concerned with…well, developing websites (hence the massive amount of forums).

Even so, in my time at jWeb, my teammates and I have found a few needles in the online haystack worth mentioning. If you find these sites popping up in your search results, they’re definitely worth a look

WPMU Dev: The Blog for WordPress Junkies

Let’s start with the obvious. With so many websites partially or totally on WordPress, we have no choice but to keep our senses sharp around the WP Giant. WPMU Dev is great at providing how-to tutorials for every little detail of their product. If you’re looking for instructions for using a plugin or minimal coding, this blog is the way to go. But they also revel in the big picture, like how user psychology should play into your web design.

Inchoo: The Blog for Magento Magnets

For those of you who revel in e-commerce platforms, Inchoo’s blog is a great resource. Inchoo is its own web development company, but they’re not afraid of sharing their experiences and advice with the public. They have entire streams of blog posts dedicated to Magento (and the new, shiny Magento 2), general developer conversations, and more.

CSS Tricks: The Blog for CSS Addicts

CSS Tricks has all the latest trends of the trade. This blog covers more than just articles—there’s polls, videos, and other interactive media so you’ll know just what other developers know about this classic coding.

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