Now You Know: PPC Landing Pages

A PPC landing page is a page that is created specifically for your PPC campaign. It is where users go when they click on your Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad.

PPC Pages vs. Standard Landing Page

Your standard landing page is one that users land on when they come to your website that is designed for a specific objective. However, a PPC page’s requirements are far more restricting than your standard landing page. Standard landing pages can be used to:

  • Bring awareness of your company to a new audience or user
  • Build interest in your goals, services, or products
  • Increase the audience’s desire to convert on your website
  • Generate leads and nudge users towards purchasing your product or service.

PPC pages, on the other hand are generally targeting this last point: generating leads. To that end, they are stylistically simple and not overwhelmed by images and text so visitors can easily convert or find what they are looking for.

Common Mistakes Companies Make with PPC Pages

  • Sending users to your home page. Users have clicked on your ad because they expect it to meet their specific need. Home pages offer too many options and too broad of information to satisfy users.
  • Forgetting about time-sensitive content: If your PPC campaign is short-term (i.e. targeting a specific sale), make sure that any deals and time-sensitive content is updated or removed once the campaign is over.
  • Missing out on mobile customers: Make sure that its mobile friendly so you will be able to reach a larger audience.

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