Now You Know: WordPress

If your business has a website or is thinking about getting one, finding the right platform for it is important. Not only will the right platform meet your needs, it will also improve user experience. With that in mind, WordPress can help you meet those needs. An Easy to Use CMS Simply put, WordPress is [...]

3 Blogs Every Web Developer Should Check Out

Every web developer knows the power of a good Google search when faced with a developing problem. Learning how to search the right keywords and then knowing which search results will yield helpful hints is key to getting answers to your very specific questions. There are countless forums where we computer geniuses can trade advice, [...]

Weighing WordPress: Is It Right for Your Website?

I’m an unapologetic geek. I argue about small details in Star Wars. I sometimes ponder what house I would be sorted in if I had gotten a Hogwarts letter of admission. (I like to think I’d be in Gryffindor.) I can bore you endlessly about the differences of certain types of craft beer. However, my [...]