Humans vs. Robots: The Future of Social Media

BuzzFeed’s Mat Honan reported on a “top secret project” that the former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, let them in on shortly before he resigned: Project Lightning. This new tool will be a major change for Twitter—a platform that has generally taken the back seat and allowed its users to express themselves and curate what [...]

Gettin’ Chatty! Twitter to Increase Character Limit for Direct Messages

You’re on Twitter and need to send a private message to someone. However, you find you have to limit what you can say or even need to send multiple messages to get your point across. Because like tweets, Twitter’s private messaging system limits users to 140-characters. Or, at least it did. Twitter has announced that [...]

What to Do When Tweets Go Wrong: 4 Common Twitter Mistakes

We previously discussed how Twitter can be used as an effective social media strategy. It helps you connect with your community and industry, and keeps your brand fresh through regular updates. However, just like every other form of social media, think before you post. Is what you’re going to say in line with your company’s [...]