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Have No Fear, the Robots are Here! (No, Seriously, It’s Okay)

Disclaimer: I am not a computer genius, nor am I a programmer of any kind. I don’t claim to be an expert. I am a writer. The following views are based on years of reading and analyzing not only news stories, but classic and contemporary science fiction, how people have reacted to technological advances in [...]

John Henry’s Not Dead: Twitter’s Project Lightning Restores Hope in Human Workforce

Disclaimer: I am not a sociologist or psychologist, I am a writer and marketer. And as such, I study how humans think and interact in order to make my articles and stories more believable and relatable. Therefore, take my following analysis of human behavior with a grain of salt. The human in the above picture [...]

Humans vs. Robots: The Future of Social Media

BuzzFeed’s Mat Honan reported on a “top secret project” that the former CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, let them in on shortly before he resigned: Project Lightning. This new tool will be a major change for Twitter—a platform that has generally taken the back seat and allowed its users to express themselves and curate what [...]