Before You Share: Identifying Credible Content Online

Throughout our school careers, we are taught how to identify credible sources both online and off when writing essays and other papers. As professionals, we are still expected to know how to identify credible content online before using it as a source or sharing it on our social media. By knowing how to identify credible [...]

Online Etiquette: How to Talk About Customers on Social Media

Customer service should not be taken lightly. Customer service can build or destroy a company. These days, social media is one of the most impactful places to affect customer impressions and satisfaction. This fact was made most clear to me a few days ago while I was considering hiring a business for my own personal [...]

Now You Know: Boosting Facebook Posts

Facebook may prompt you to boost a post that’s performing well on your page. But what does “boosting” mean? Since Facebook’s algorithm decreases the chance that a company or business’s post will be seen by users organically, paying to boost a post will make it more likely to be seen. What’s the Difference between Boosted [...]