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Filling in the Gaps: Takeaways from Alex Ihnen’s ON TAP Talk

This past Wednesday, I attended another exciting Social Media ON TAP event. This month our speaker was Alex Ihnen, owner and editor of the wildly popular news site, nextSTL. His site is completely run by volunteers and yet it has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and many other reputable [...]

“I’m Here Tonight Because I Got Loud”: Takeaways from Ed Domain’s ON TAP Talk

Disclaimer: The following accounts are indicative of one man’s success. Before applying any of his practices to your company’s social media marketing, I highly suggest you read our post about Gauging the Risk of Your Company’s Political Blog to guide you through the process. As a digital agency near St. Louis, jWeb Media is lucky [...]

Twitter: Your B2C Company’s New Customer Service Desk

You’re out at an electronics store looking for a new computer and having the worst time of your life. The staff is rude, they don’t answer your questions and seem to be pushing products you don’t want on you. You end up leaving without your purchase. Where do you go to complain? The customer service [...]