User Interface Design (UI)

ui_designiconUser Interface Design: The Swiss Army Knife of Web Development

A User interface, or “UI” determines the way you interact with technology. A website, for example, should have a user interface that is engaging and easy to navigate. Built for versatility, a user interface should allow the user to accomplish several different tasks with ease. However, when a website requires that you open 8 tools to reach the one you want, the focus becomes the tool, not the task.

Keeping the focus on the task is part of the science of good user interface design. At jWeb, we think that a good user interface design stays out of your way. That’s not to say it can’t be attractive and engaging—we think it should be!—we mean that the content or message is the focus of your website. Therefore, the user should be able to navigate the site quickly and easily to attain the site’s message. To reach this goal, a user interface design should determine which aspects to make prominent and which to downplay  to reduce any frustration a user may experience when browsing a site. You need a user interface design that leads you down a pleasant path in a park, not trudging through a swamp where you’re likely to leave and never come back.

leadtheway_iconLet jWeb Media’s User Interface Designers Lead the Way

The last thing you want when you launch a website is to discover the user interface is badly designed. When jWeb design a website for you, we clearly identify your wants and needs and incorporate these into our creative problem solving and professional technology.

Our well-versed user interface designers will create a storyboard for your website, drafting the outline and artwork for each page. This planning means that before any technology implements these designs into a functional website, you will see picture for picture, page for page, exactly how your site will appear.

By seeing the big picture, we can better avoid user interface design problems before launching your new site. We then use all available technology to transform our storyboard to the internet and make certain that your website works for you and the consumer.

Make the smart choice: choose jWeb Media to design your user interface today.

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