What We Do

Put Simply, jWeb Media Builds Websites

However, the web design process behind our “get built” attitude is far more intricate. Each step includes all of the following:

  • Web Development: Find out how our “web needs analysis” helps determine your company website’s aesthetic design, marketing initiatives, and many other specific online needs.
  • Search Engine Marketing: Learn how establishing a presence on search engines such as Google can drive your company’s profits and customer base.
  • Custom Software Development: Discover how we cater software to your company’s direct requirements.

Step 1: Design

Design is the perfect balance of artistry and planning. The word evokes a feeling of creation some would call religious. While jWeb does not pretend to exalt itself to divine design, we do take web design seriously. Our web designs strive to find logic in an idea, to create a map, to draw the eye, to strike a chord. These are the driving forces behind website building.

Step 2: Build

Even a well thought out plan is just whimsy until it’s executed. We can build a new website from the ground up, flesh out an existing bare-bones website, or bulk up an established site. However, sometimes original designs falter in the building process, requiring quick and creative problem solving to get the website up and running. Our team of insightful developers, managers, designers, and writers will find a solution to most any flaw in a web design’s application.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat

At jWeb, we don’t believe in dropping a project just because it’s “finished.” Modern technology is constantly changing, so it is important to keep websites up-to-date over time. Our company takes great pride in our website maintenance services, which ensure that your site grows with the internet, stays relevant to your customer base, and contends with your competitors. This may mean tweaking existing aspects of your web design or starting something from scratch. Regardless of what it takes, we dedicate ourselves to your website’s consistent success.

Everything in Between

Of course, each web design and building step is made up of a multitude of mini-steps. Each one makes your site stronger, safer, and more user-friendly. We realize that your website can potentially be your customers’ first impression of your company. You can trust jWeb to treat your site with the same respect as any extension of our company or yours. Our creations are design-oriented and practical, providing each of our clients with quality websites and features.

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