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“I’m Here Tonight Because I Got Loud”: Takeaways from Ed Domain’s ON TAP Talk

Disclaimer: The following accounts are indicative of one man’s success. Before applying any of his practices to your company’s social media marketing, I highly suggest you read our post about Gauging the Risk of Your Company’s Political Blog to guide you through the process. As a digital agency near St. Louis, jWeb Media is lucky [...]

Spamalot SEO: Signs Your SEO Advertising Source is a Scam

If you own a small business with a web presence, you’ve likely received numerous emails over the years pertaining to SEO. These emails usually start with a phrase like, “I was on your website…” followed with claims of what your site is missing and how this person holds the key to ranking your business numero [...]

jWeb Welcomes Nate Brown as Our New Graphic Designer

Design affects every branch of web development and marketing, so a talented art director is a must for any digital agency. jWeb recently acquired such a graphic designer, Nate Brown, to join our team. I asked to sit down with him for a short introduction to our followers, which he graciously agreed to. I can [...]