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If you are a manufacturing company that sells to both dealers and end users by building brand awareness and need, then look at this larger-than-life website designed by jWeb Media.

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Industry Background

TRUE Fitness has been a respected global fitness company since 1981. Their state-of-the-art and award-winning products have been sold to more than 70 countries through a network of more than 500 dealers and distributors. For their website, TRUE Fitness wanted features that would appeal to all their target audience: a worldwide community made of dealers and end users using a wide variety of devices.


Project Scope

As we have done for many of our clients, jWeb Media has performed both online and offline services for TRUE Fitness.

Online Services
  • Designed three separate websites, each highlighting one aspect of the TRUE Fitness business, including a corporate site, and e-commerce site, and a dealer portal site
  • Built a multilingual CMS, or website translation service, that adapts to the user’s location to determine the language of the content and the pricing of merchandise
  • Developed and implemented a mobile app targeted specifically at TRUE Fitness’s health conscious customer base
Offline Services
  • Designed and integrated TRUE Fitness’s equipment screens

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Project Details:

True Fitness


January 2012


E-commerce , Web Development