FW: Warehousing + Trucking + Logistics

FW Warehousing, Trucking, and Logistics

If your company maintains multiple verticals under one brand, check out this online project that coordinates 3 symbiotic websites on 1 core platform.

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Industry Background 

FW Warehousing was founded in 1949 to provide professional warehousing and distribution services for food additives and packaged food in the St. Louis metro region. Kraft Foods and Anheuser Busch have used our third party logistics services because of our caring attitude, low cost warehousing and distribution services, and consistent A.I.B. Superior Rating for food storage.

Project Scope

jWeb Media has provided online services to FW that focus on coordination, pay-per-click advertising, and SEO.



    • Built a single admin platform to simplify management of the company’s 3 websites (warehousing, trucking, and logistics)



    • Incorporated turn-key search engine marketing into everyday onsite practices, including PPC (Google Adwords, Bing AdSense), and keyword-driven content





    • Utilized an interactive data collection facility, “Goldmine,” that stores customers' information, raw data, and more to help manage sales opportunities.


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Project Details:

(UI) User Interface , CMS , Secure Portal Access , Web Development