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Here are two things that jWeb Media knows to be true:

  1. People use the internet to make connections
  2. Stories are what connect people and communities together

With these facts in mind, we believe the way to build your brand online is a content and social media marketing strategy that shares your story.


Content Marketing

Every piece of online content should be a lightning strike: brief, powerful, beautiful. It should reach your audience instantly on an emotional and intellectual level. At jWeb Media, we create and implement content marketing strategies that help your company meet these goals. Our secret formula for writing is combining clear communication and digital marketing know-how with plenty of creativity.


Find Your Voice

To stand out from your competition, your need a unique, engaging brand voice. Engaging is the operative word, here.

Who is your audience and who will they positively respond to? Someone warm and understanding? Punchy and direct? Shrewd and funny?

jWeb Media will analyze your target audience to find exactly what voice works for your brand.

Static Content

Static content is the foundation of your website’s digital marketing strategy.

By working with jWeb’s team of developers and search engine marketers, our content team creates web pages that combine your company’s specific goal funnels with a great user experience.


Dynamic Content

Online audiences are made up of a wide range of people whose awareness, interests, and experiences all differ.

This variety can make appealing to your audience difficult if you rely solely on consistent and direct static content. Dynamic content—or content that is constantly changing and updating—casts a wider marketing net that static content can ever hope to cover.


Dynamic content can include:

  • Blogging: Get the conversation going by discussing special interests, giving advice, announcing events, or sharing stories
  • Specials & Limited Time Offers: Create buzz with temporary deals on your product or service

Using dynamic content in your digital strategy allows you to delve into the minds and hearts of every niche in your industry. Over time, your audience will trust your brand above your competitors.

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Social Media Marketing

Much like SEO and PPC strategies go hand-in-hand, content marketing is most effective when paired with social media. Content tells your story; social media makes it heard.

Participate in the Conversation

Whether you are a new start up or already have an established website, the only way to stay relevant is consistently interacting with your industry online. We identify, seek out, and connect with your audience by participating in their conversations.

Participating does not mean throwing advertisements up at any given chance. An effective social media strategy means sharing original content, curating content from other industry leaders that you admire, or commenting on your audience and industry’s posts.


Personalization on social media is the key to building trust with your audience. As a result, your competitors will recognize your brand as an industry leader.

Find Your Platform

The number of popular social platforms continues to grow, but not every social media site is ideal for every company. In addition, every platform communicates in its own unique way. We help you find the right platform for your company as well as the right strategy for reaching that audience.


The most popular platforms we deal with include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Time Your Flash

Social media marketing is a flash in the pan, so you need to time the flash right.

Posting when your audience is most active is the only way to get the results you deserve.

We can analyze your social media insights to determine the best time to post material.

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