Why Your Business Needs an eBook

You have a dedicated blog and it’s pulling in an audience and leads, but is there more that you can do to get your expertise out there?

Why not create an eBook?

What’s an eBook Anyway?

An eBook is an electronic version of a traditionally printed book. They can be read on an eReader like a Kindle or downloaded onto a computer. They’re generally much cheaper to purchase than traditionally published books, usually around a couple of bucks—sometimes even free—and can be as long or as short as they need to be.

eBooks are a good idea if you want to write about a multi-faceted topic without having to break it up into several blogs. In addition, they’re more engaging and effective than whitepapers.

Types of eBooks

eBooks can be about anything from gardening to running a small business. People who are interested in your topic will download your eBook to:

  • Understand a concept
  • Solve a problem
  • Expand their knowledge

However, since you’re writing a book, you can take it wherever you want it to go and fill it with your own voice. The sky is the limit, and if your brand is knowledgeable about a topic, you can write about it. Just be sure to do some preliminary research and trials to see if people are interested in your topic. There’s no point to putting in all that time and effort if no one will read your book.

eBooks come in several forms from static to interactive. Static eBooks have formatting that looks like a traditional book. There are no links or videos, but images can be included. On the other hand, interactive eBooks include rich media like videos and links and are generally downloaded to computers rather than eReaders.

Build Brand Authority Through Up-to-Date Information

The ability to update your eBook whenever you need to is especially important in the digital age, as the landscape is always changing. What might have been common practice last year could be irrelevant today. Since eBooks are digital, you can update them at any time. Unlike traditional books that you have to reprint and pull the old version from the shelves, eBook changes can save you a lot of money.

Perhaps there was a grammar mistake in your eBook or a piece of information was wrong. Or, if something in your industry changes, the information can be tweaked to reflect that change and you won’t have to write a whole new book when information changes. The ability to make these changes will reflect how you’ve grown as a brand. You’re keeping up with your industry and want to make sure your readers are aware of what has changed. That’s especially useful for readers who are new to your industry and are relying on your expertise to get them started.

If you do make a change, the service you publish through will notify your book owners of those changes. Just remember, updates are not automatic, so they will still have the original book on their computer or device. They will have to re-download it themselves to get the new version. It always helps to make an announcement on your blog or social media announcing the new edition and explaining what important information has been changed.

Increase Lead Generation with Creative Marketing

When you purchase a book, do you do it to learn something new or to buy a product? Chances are the latter option never crossed your mind. When we read, we don’t want ads or “you shoulds” shoved in our faces. We want to learn and make our own informed decisions. So why are eBooks a good marketing decision?

Brand Authority Leads to Returning Customers

You can attract people to your business by using eBooks to generate leads. eBooks are not seen as advertising, making them a breath of fresh air for readers who are shown ads every day online. Since eBooks aren’t offering readers services or persuasions to buy, they can absorb your advice without any distractions. In the future, they will think of your brand as a legitimate business and go to you when they are in need of a product or service. If they have purchased from you in the past, they will be more apt to buy from you again based on the quality of the information you have given them.

Even if they don’t buy your product or service, people who see you as a brand authority will go to you for the latest information, knowing you aren’t about gimmicks. They will reference you in conversations with friends, family members, and co-workers and your company’s brand awareness will continue to grow.

Collecting Emails Can Lead to a Great Marketing Campaign

eBooks can also be used to supplement your email marketing campaigns. For example, you can offer a free eBook if customers sign up for your email newsletters. Be sure to tell prospective readers that they won’t be sent spam or messages irrelevant to your business. Once you have an email connected to a person who is interested in your book, you can direct them to more relevant content on your website using email marketing.

Keep the Ball Rolling with eBook Reviews

Like printed books, eBooks can get a lot of publicity when other influencers in your industry review it. Once the book is published, send it to respected individuals and ask them to write a review. Note: Reviews are not necessarily endorsements. Reviewers should feel free to give their honest opinion of your work. In fact, any constructive criticism can help improve any work you produce in the future.

Increase Customer Conversions with Calls to Action

The great thing about eBooks for your business is that your call to action can be placed inside the book itself. That way, readers who download your eBook can immediately take action if they find the information within useful and they want to know more—especially if your brand is considered an authority on the subject.

Track Your Return on Investment

Companies often feel like they’re wasting money on marketing since there’s often not surefire way to track conversions. eBooks can help solve this problem by allowing you to easily track the number of times your eBook has been downloaded. Based on that information, you can figure out where to invest money that will give you the best returns on investment (ROI). You won’t have to take a shot in the dark and guess where money should be invested. By tracking the number of downloads of your eBook, you can easily measure your ROI based on conversions.

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