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How to Write Political Blogs on Your Company’s Website

Regardless of how risky your political blog is to your company, there are several best practices to add to your blogging checklist: Respect your company’s brand Stay current with the day’s news Use social media to your advantage Know what to do when things go wrong Work your way up over time These guidelines will [...]

Gauging the Risk of Your Company’s Political Blog

As we’ve all experienced at family gatherings, people react strongly when politics are brought into the conversation. Our political beliefs are often a major part of our identity, leading us to trust or turn against others depending on whether they agree with us or not. These kinds of extremes typically scare companies—particularly small companies with [...]

Building Trust by Discovering the “Why” of Your Brand

Put simply, building trust online is harder than most other platforms. When people interact with businesses face-to-face, that human connection is inherently more trustworthy than interacting with a website. Duplicating that experience in the digital space takes a lot of hard work. Here at jWeb, we believe that the secret to gaining trust is effective [...]