Content Marketing


Give Permission to Tell Real Stories: Takeaways from Ed Reggi’s ON TAP Talk

More and more, brands are using storytelling in their social media marketing because (as we writers will tell anyone who will listen): stories are powerful. Or at least they can be when told well. But how do you tell the right stories that resonate with the right people and get your point across in an [...]

Attract More Customers to Your Site with Rich Media

Most of us remember the boring text-only websites of yesteryear. Now, sites are brimming with images, videos, and other content that makes interacting with it more enjoyable and rewarding. What makes all this content better and what can you do to keep up? Most users today have little time to read an article about a [...]

A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Infographics

Here at jWeb Media, we give a lot of advice on written content. While word-based content is the foundation of many company’s online marketing strategies, rich media is quickly becoming the most popular type of content. Users are more likely to share, comment, and just spend more time with your content if it deals with [...]