Content Management Systems (CMS)

Do You Speak Greek?

You may think that updating a website requires the assistance of a developer, web engineer, or other tech-savvy individual. However, with the simple addition of a content management system, this statement could not be more wrong.

While HTML, markup language, PHP may be Greek to most folks, a content management system causes the mysterious inner workings of a website to vanish and—with a little bit of training—you’ll be able to make changes to your site whenever you want.

Easy-to-Use Content Management Systems

Using CMS, you can update any content with the click of a mouse. Content management systems are perfect for:

  • News articles
  • Memos
  • Email blasts
  • FAQ’s
  • Product or document libraries
  • Photo galleries
  • Testimonials
  • Surveys
  • Glossaries
  • Links
  • And so much more!

These systems are customizable, so you can grow and change your site at your own pace.

Popular Content Management Systems

In addition to simple functionality, content management systems are not expensive. Since many of these systems are openly available to the public, a business can save money using a CMS such as WordPress or Drupal. These two systems are widely accepted and extremely easy to use.

Be Found By Search Engines

Content management systems are good for more than just uploading informative information for visitors. A CMS is also useful for your search engine optimization strategy. Since fresh, optimized content can be added quickly on a content management system, it will be easier for your website to be found by your customers on search engines. There are also plenty of plug-ins to link your content to social media and RSS feeds so that users can easily share your content.

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