We’ve Got the Golden Ticket!

Sorry, no chocolate goodies, but how ‘bout $100 in free Google advertising?

It’s no secret that Google is by far the most preferred search engine of Internet users with over 70% of the market on its side. Now while we know that every company would like to be the top result for every search engine, it only makes sense to focus on the one most highly trafficked. This is true of SEO and it’s also true of pay-per-click marketing.

Thousands, maybe even millions of potential customers are online right now searching for your service. With the right keywords and a few catchy ads, your company could be the one they find. If your SEO efforts just don’t seem to be paying off or you have a special offer going and need traffic NOW, Google AdWords may be the answer.

What’s great about Google AdWords:
-No hidden fees: It costs nothing to run your ad; you only pay when people click.
-Total control: you choose the keywords, you write the ad copy and you manage the budget.
-No commitments: you can start, stop or edit your campaigns at any time.

jWeb can help you set up and manage your campaign, write your ads, select your keywords and send you monthly reports to show you their progress. If you’re interested in starting a Google AdWords campaign any time between now and June 30, jWeb has an exclusive coupon from Google that offers new AdWords customers $100 in free advertising!

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