TRUE Fitness is Truly Fit for International Service

As the online global market grows, international companies are seeking website translation services to give their websites multilingual capabilities. International companies with single-language websites can end up isolating potential clients. Even multiple websites for each language can create a lot of extra time-consuming work for updates and maintenance.

TRUE Fitness has been an international company for over twelve years, with a network reaching to over seventy countries. They wanted to be more localized, and rightly believed that translating their content would make every customer feel at home on their website. To meet this need, jWeb has transformed TRUE Fitness’s completely English website into a five-language-friendly site.

Utilizing Modern Day Technology

Creating a Website Translation Service

To make this dream a reality, jWeb Media worked with Telelingua USA to convert TRUE Fitness’s original English content into German, French, Spanish, and Dutch. jWeb then created a website translation service that consistently sends updated content to an XML export, which translates the content before sending it back to the site. This means that any new material placed on TRUE Fitness’s website will be immediately and accurately translated into five different languages.

Of course, multiple languages creates five times as many pages full of text, images, links, and effects. To store and display every presentational page, jWeb Media created a vast CMS, or “content management system” that would safely ensure consistency across translations.

Finding Visitors with Geo-Sniffing Technology

While many multilingual sites allow users to click on different icons that then translate the material, jWeb has all but eliminated this small unnecessary step. Using geo-sniffing technology, the site can determine the user’s location by using their IPS (within a certain margin of error) and adjusts the displayed content accordingly. Therefore, Parisians will be brought to the French TRUE Fitness page, Londoners will be brought to the English page, and so on. But just in case you’re only visiting a location, jWeb Media also made quick click language-switching icons available.

Want to Get Your International Site Up and Running?

TRUE Fitness is not jWeb Media’s first multilingual website to launch—we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again. If you feel your business, general website, or blog is missing its global opportunities, contact us to find out what jWeb can do to target your multilingual audience.