Putting the “Fab” in The Fabric Co.

The Fabric Co.The client:

The Fabric Co. is a family-owned and operated business in the Chesterfield Valley that offers customers an extensive selection of decorative fabric, wallpaper and trim, among other products.

The project:

Our goal was to bring the comfort and professionalism of The Fabric Co. experience online, allowing customers a simple and secure way to explore the vast array of products and conveniently shop from home.

“jWeb has been honored to be a partner with The Fabric Co. for more than 4 years,” says jWeb CEO James Comparato. “We developed this system using the complex and intuitive Magento eCommerce platform with our homegrown customizations. The Fabric Co. now offers a full-featured online shopping experience with a dynamic new interface that will have The Fabric Co. customers flocking to the site for new fabric fun!”

A few of the features we’re REALLY proud of:

Complex search functionality– In addition to a general keyword search, there are also custom searches for wallpaper and trim by fields like color, price range and manufacturer.  Customers can browse the entire selection of merchandise with the click of a button.

Magento eCommerce platformThis user-friendly, open source system makes for a fast, easy and secure checkout with order history and status available for customers who register.

Mobile-friendliness- Touchscreen optimized for direct dialing capability.

It’s fabric-ulous!

Check it out for yourself: