A Guide to Keyword Research & Quality Content

Why Keywords Are Important Most people find websites by typing a word or phrase into a search engine. We call these phrases “keywords,” regardless of how many words are in the phrase. Search engines crawl websites for keywords and rank the most relevant content on their search engine website. The higher the ranking, the more [...]

jWeb Welcomes Helen Wurthmann and Mike Kovis to the Media Team

jWeb Media recently took on two new employees—a content writer and an SEO strategist—to expand their influence in the website design industry. Content writer Helen Wurthmann, a recent graduate of Truman State University, is thrilled to break into the world of professional internet writing. “It’s a great opportunity to write in a fast paced medium [...]

jWeb Media Designs Energy Petroleum’s New Logo

Logos are a powerful symbol for your company because a logo embodies a first impression. Since logos are so influential, companies needing a new website for a fresh public image also need an updated logo. Recently, Energy Petroleum took its first step towards a new website by asking jWeb for a re-vamped logo. The first [...]