Google’s Panda Strikes Again with Latest Algorithm Update

Message boards and blogs have been buzzing all month with rumors of Google shenanigans and a possible algorithm update. Earlier this week, Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed the rumors by announcing the release of Google’s Panda Algorithm 4.0. Who Cares About Pandas? For those of you who are unaware, Google’s Panda algorithm was designed to filter [...]

Build a User Experience Search Engines Will Reward

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to promote your website, raise sales, and build a presence in the online community. As search engines become more sophisticated and users become more accustomed to streamlined style, one of the most important SEO best practices is making sure your website is easily accessible to both parties. [...]

“BuzzSumo” Gives Insight Into What Users Share & Love

While there have been SEO-assisting websites for years, most have focused solely on keyword research or link building. Few have ever provided tools primarily targeted towards developing quality content. BuzzSumo founder Henley Wing recently launched, a site that shows what users are sharing on social media sites like Google + or Facebook. jWeb Media [...]