Strap in for a Wild Ride with Upcoming Google Penguin Refresh

The Google Penguin update that sparked controversy back in 2012 is plotting a return according to the search giant. In the latest round of reports and online chatter within the SEO community, there’s valid reason to believe a Google Penguin 3.0 full algorithmic update is coming. This particular instance, however, is quite different than its [...]

Google Panda 4.1 – Repercussions & Recovery Tactics

If you’ve been active in the SEO world, then you’ll know that when a Google algorithmic update comes down the pipe, it’s time to raise the warning alert levels on high. According to several reliable resources, Google has been slowly rolling out a Panda 4.1 update over the last couple weeks. Isn’t it ironic, though? [...]

Google’s Panda Strikes Again with Latest Algorithm Update

Message boards and blogs have been buzzing all month with rumors of Google shenanigans and a possible algorithm update. Earlier this week, Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed the rumors by announcing the release of Google’s Panda Algorithm 4.0. Who Cares About Pandas? For those of you who are unaware, Google’s Panda algorithm was designed to filter [...]