Now You Know: Company Blogs

Does your company need a way to be a reliable resource for your customers and industry? A company blog is a platform where you can share your expertise in your industry and connect with customers.

Your Website Will Thank You

A good company blog can really give your business a boost. Companies who have a professional blog with a solid content marketing strategy saw:

  • Increased lead generation: Companies who blog increase their brand awareness, leading more people to their site.
  • Increased authority: Company blogs help boost your site’s trust on search engines and promotes inbound links.
  • Improved ROI: Companies with a professional blog saw their ROI increase since more people were coming to the site, increasing leads and even sales.

Improved Customer Relations

“What’s the point of blogs anyway? No one cares and I’m wasting time writing about stuff no one is going to read.”

Wrong. People read company blogs. A trusted one will attract customers and help them with their purchasing decisions. According to HubSpot, a potential customer will use your blog as a stepping off point when researching your company and product. If people can relate to your posts, they come back to your site again and again.

Put in the Time & Dedication to Do It Right

“Blogging is easy! I’ll just write whenever I get the chance and when something comes up.” Well…no.

Running a company blog isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and dedication in order to see results. If you don’t post regularly with relevant, quality content, your company will appear out of date and untrustworthy.

Keep it Professional

“Blogs are so unprofessional. It’s only a place for angry rants and the company to write about whatever they want. We can spend that time doing something more valuable.” Company blogs are only as professional as you make them. Save your rants for your diary.

Company blogs represent your business and should be written with your company’s voice. That way, customers will see you as a reliable resource and you can become an industry authority.

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