jWeb Welcomes Sam Kampert to the Developing Team

The demand for good web developers has grown greater in recent years. As businesses move online to reach new customers, they often need help building a website that can meet their needs. jWeb Media strives to find developers who can meet any website need our clients may have, and our newest team member, Sam Kampert, is no exception.

Local & International Experience

Before coming to jWeb, Kampert spent a few months traveling around Europe to destinations like Amsterdam, Germany, and Ireland before finally arriving in London. Last summer, he worked as an intern at Southbank International in London, England. He was a system administrator for their computers and even taught several classes on coding. After that, Kampert worked at as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Mortgage Returns, a marketing and CRM company. There, Kampert was in charge of all digital marketing for clients.

Kampert was drawn into developing by the creative possibilities it presented. jWeb appealed to him because we “take a language and make something that is functional at the same time, whatever the client wants in terms of functionality. You guys do it and make it look cool.”

Well-Rounded Individual

In addition to his many travels around Europe, Kampert spends his time locally long boarding and playing video games (his all-time favorite being Halo 3). Kampert has also played the guitar for over ten years and even played in a band while in London. We are thrilled to add yet another musician and guitar enthusiast to the jWeb team.

He balances these pursuits by coaching lacrosse at St. Louis University. With lacrosse season just starting up in February, Kampert will no doubt have his hands full inside the office and out as he starts his new position.

Future Digital Media Expert

When asked what he hopes to achieve here at jWeb, Kampert replied that he hopes to become an expert in the field of digital media and feels that jWeb can help him achieve that goal. He looks forward to beginning a new stage of learning at jWeb.

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