jWeb Welcomes Jesse Kemper to the Web Development Team

As more and more business move online to create their own unique presence, the need for web developers who can help them achieve that goal grows as well. Whether you need to host a website or develop a complete UI design, jWeb Media strives to find devs who can meet any website need our clients may have. With that in mind, our team would like to welcome the newest member of the family, Jesse Kemper.

A Developer’s Journey from Freelance to Salary

Kemper first became interested in web development around the time he turned 16. Kemper states that as he kept building and learning, he “thought it was cool to see what could come about by typing in a bit of code.” Like all developers, Kemper takes great pride in being able to see the fruit of his labor.

Having worked primarily as a freelance developer managing projects for other agencies, Kemper brings over seven years of experience to jWeb. The freelance agencies have sent him all over America, fueling his love for travel. So in addition to coding experience, his employment history has made him a man of the world.

Living the Dream: A Career and Family Man

In his free time, Kemper enjoys spending time with his family and raising his and his girlfriend’s new son. He also spends time developing and managing niche blogs, such as e-commerce marketing and fitness, with his partner.

High Hopes for the Future

When asked what he hopes to accomplish here at jWeb, Kemper replied, “I’m hoping to be somewhere I can continue to learn and grow.” He adds that he enjoys being pushed to learn new things, “especially when it comes to the newer JavaScript frameworks and mobile development crossovers.”

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