jWeb Welcomes Nate Brown as Our New Graphic Designer

Design affects every branch of web development and marketing, so a talented art director is a must for any digital agency. jWeb recently acquired such a graphic designer, Nate Brown, to join our team. I asked to sit down with him for a short introduction to our followers, which he graciously agreed to. I can immediately tell that his relaxed, good-natured attitude will do well here at jWeb.

An Impressive Resume Driven by St. Louis Love

Brown’s career of choice has always been centered around design. “I’ve always liked graphic design because you get to think creatively on a regular basis and make money doing it,” laughs Brown. “It’s certainly never boring.”

Over the past five years, Nate was the graphic designer for many St. Louis staples, including The St. Louis Blues hockey team, Scott Trade Center, and the Peabody Opera House. His experience working across a wide variety of companies makes him perfect for jWeb’s smorgasbord of clients.

Ready to Become a Leader in the Digital Media World

Since his time with the St. Louis Blues, Brown has been excited about web design. “It’s a constantly changing field,” he says, “and I look forward to staying on the leading edge of the industry.”

Nate first heard about jWeb Media’s position through his lifelong friend, Blake Fehl, jWeb’s Digital Strategist. “I’ve known Blake literally my whole life; my parents set up his parents.”

Advocate for the Quiet Life

When he’s not designing websites for jWeb, Brown is spending time with his wife of two years and their two cats. He also enjoys fishing and collecting coins, which he says are “each like tiny little sculptures.”

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