jWeb Media Designs Energy Petroleum’s New Logo

Logos are a powerful symbol for your company because a logo embodies a first impression. Since logos are so influential, companies needing a new website for a fresh public image also need an updated logo. Recently, Energy Petroleum took its first step towards a new website by asking jWeb for a re-vamped logo.

The first step in the design process is a consultation between jWeb and the client. While the client’s expectations vary on a case-by-case basis, Energy Petroleum was not sure what goals they had for this logo. This is a common situation, especially during the first consultation. But never fear: jWeb has no problem leading you through the process of creating and choosing a new logo.

Once we have some idea of what a company wants from their new logo, we begin creating mock-ups. Energy Petroleum wanted an understated logo that would not draw unwanted attention from their competitors, but would be memorable enough for customers to recognize them at first glance. In addition, Energy Petroleum wanted the logo to be abstract enough to adapt to the changing future of petroleum energy. With the client’s wishes guiding our ambition, our design team can draw from a wide variety of influences to suggest things the client may not know they wanted. Sometimes it only takes a few mock-ups to hit a home run, but we are dedicated to making as many variations as needed to find exactly what you want. We don’t strike out. For Energy Petroleum, we made fifty different mock-ups before we found the right look. The final product combined new and old muses to represent a strong company with a long business tradition and the foresight to adapt to the future of their industry.

Energy Petroleum’s new logo of modernized wings is a throwback to what petroleum symbolized in the early twentieth century with mascots such as Mobil’s red Pegasus: flight and freedom. However, to ground the new logo in the modern world, the result was two diagonal shapes that look like wings. This logo evokes a feeling of flight while also implying the more basic message of “moving forward.” The choice of red and green maintained Energy Petroleum’s original color scheme to link old logos with the new one.

Energy Petroleum’s new website is expected to launch in the next few days, along with a fleet of trucks carrying their new jWeb designed logo. Call us today to learn more about how jWeb can help your company’s image with a new website and logo design.