Get Noticed with Instagram Business

Instagram recently unveiled its long awaited Instagram Business Profiles. Businesses who are on Instagram can now convert their profiles to business profiles, which come with a few new features businesses can use to their benefit.

Instagram Insights

Tracking how well a post did on Instagram wasn’t a walk in the park in the past. You could see whether a post was popular or not based on how many likes and comments it got, but that often isn’t enough for a business. Who is interacting with the photo? Are they going to your website to find out more about you based on your posts? How many people are actually seeing your posts? To find out these answers, businesses had to use third party analytics sites.

Now that Instagram now has Insights, businesses can easily monitor their posts and profile from the app itself:

  • Impressions: How many times your post was seen
  • Reach: How many unique accounts saw your post
  • Website Clicks: How many accounts have used the website link in your profile
  • Follower demographics: The average times your followers are on Instagram

One caveat: to have access to the follower analytic, your profile must have a minimum of 100 followers.

Promote Posts

Much like boosting a post on Facebook, you can now promote a post on Instagram. That post will then appear to other users who aren’t your followers as a promoted post. This post will be visible for a limited period of time and you can choose what you want the promoted post to do: visit your website, or call or visit your business.

Let Customers Easily Get in Touch

Instagram Business adds a contact button that allows your followers to easily get in touch with you. With the touch of a button, they have the option to choose how to contact or visit you:

  • Get directions
  • Call
  • Email

Giving your followers a simple way to get in contact with you makes your company more friendly and accessible. So if you have an Instagram page for your business, we recommend making the switch. You can better connect with your followers and track how well your posts are doing so you can adjust your social media strategy accordingly.

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