Dell Server Hardware and Centos 6.x

From time to time we need to build new server hardware with the latest stable releases of CentOS (our *nix distro of choice).  Got a new Dell R420, and I loaded it up with our iso of CentOS 6.0.  Got installed all to find out that the CentOS maintainers disabled network configuration by default.  This means that ifcfg-eth0 (typical interface) was disabled by default and would not try to connect with DHCP.  I thought this might have been the problem, but found out after doing a OS reinstall, that in fact CentOS 6.0 does not have support for the Broadcom 57xx network adapter chipset.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux found support for this chipset with CentOS 6.2.


So, instead of finding the driver, placing it on a USB thumbdrive, and installing the correct drivers, I downloaded the new CentOS 6.2 install .iso file and reinstalled.

Boom.  That fixed it.

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