Sam Kampert

Sam Kampert

Sam has come to Jweb with the a strong foundation as a PHP/Web Developer. With an eagerness to learn, he is quickly becoming an expert in all the facets of Digital Media. If he is not at the office, he is more than likely coaching/playing lacrosse, cruising around on his longboard, or plucking a guitar at his home in St. Louis.


Why SVGs are Making an Impact in a Mobile-Driven World

Web design is all about grabbing and keeping the user’s attention in subtle ways. Graphics are one of the most fundamental options for increasing user engagement. As we become more immersed in a mobile-driven world, it’s important that graphics can adjust to multiple screen sizes. There are many different image formats being utilized in web [...]

Content Views Pro Plugin for WordPress: jWeb Product Review

There is a saying amongst programmers: “Work smarter, not harder.” It is important to look for ways to be more efficient when updating or creating a new website. Web developers will often find themselves confronted with odd problems and situations that they haven’t tackled before that often take too many work hours to research and [...]

3 Blogs Every Web Developer Should Check Out

Every web developer knows the power of a good Google search when faced with a developing problem. Learning how to search the right keywords and then knowing which search results will yield helpful hints is key to getting answers to your very specific questions. There are countless forums where we computer geniuses can trade advice, [...]