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jWeb Launches Two Websites for TRUE Fitness

jWeb’s task was to deliver not one but two custom websites to serve both the existing corporate entity as well as a brand new ecommerce site supported by open source Magento platform.

Dell Server Hardware and Centos 6.x

From time to time we need to build new server hardware with the latest stable releases of CentOS (our *nix distro of choice).  Got a new Dell R420, and I loaded it up with our iso of CentOS 6.0.  Got installed all to find out that the CentOS maintainers disabled network configuration by default.  This [...]

jWeb Magento Forum Post to the Rescue!

Also awesome when you are dealing with a complex bug, and after some googling, you find your co-worker answering the question in a forum.  I guess I could have rolled my chair over to him and simply asked, but this is way more fun.         http://www.magentocommerce.com/boards/viewreply/367485/