Blake Fehl

Blake Fehl

Blake is many things – digital strategist, UX junkie, programmer, STL Blues and Star Wars superfan, movie critic – but mostly he is adept at understanding and constructing web traffic concepts from vision, strategy, architecture and implementation. And seriously, he is a movie critic.


Spamalot SEO: Signs Your SEO Advertising Source is a Scam

If you own a small business with a web presence, you’ve likely received numerous emails over the years pertaining to SEO. These emails usually start with a phrase like, “I was on your website…” followed with claims of what your site is missing and how this person holds the key to ranking your business numero [...]

The Rise & Demise of the Expert Guru Extraordinaire

“An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.” ― Nicholas Murray Butler You’ve all seen them on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds. The self-described SEO, Social Media, and Digital Marketing “expert/guru”. There it rests under their name like a title handed down to [...]

The Advent of the Mobile Era: Google’s Upcoming Algorithm Update

Where is my flying car? Where is my robot assistant? Where is my magical pill that gives me all my essential nutrients? When is the future coming? It may be hard to see at times, but we are living in a futuristic society that much of the sci-fi was unable to predict. Sure, we don’t [...]