Alanna Redenour

Alanna Redenour

Alanna has been writing for as long as she can remember and has done everything from selling old toys to running errands for a dental office. When not teaching herself digital art, she can usually be found writing about faraway worlds or attempting to save the world in video games.


Building Trust by Discovering the “Why” of Your Brand

Put simply, building trust online is harder than most other platforms. When people interact with businesses face-to-face, that human connection is inherently more trustworthy than interacting with a website. Duplicating that experience in the digital space takes a lot of hard work. Here at jWeb, we believe that the secret to gaining trust is effective [...]

jWeb Welcomes Sam Kampert to the Developing Team

The demand for good web developers has grown greater in recent years. As businesses move online to reach new customers, they often need help building a website that can meet their needs. jWeb Media strives to find developers who can meet any website need our clients may have, and our newest team member, Sam Kampert, [...]

jWeb Welcomes Jesse Kemper to the Web Development Team

As more and more business move online to create their own unique presence, the need for web developers who can help them achieve that goal grows as well. Whether you need to host a website or develop a complete UI design, jWeb Media strives to find devs who can meet any website need our clients [...]