Alanna Redenour

Alanna Redenour

Alanna has been writing for as long as she can remember and has done everything from selling old toys to running errands for a dental office. When not teaching herself digital art, she can usually be found writing about faraway worlds or attempting to save the world in video games.


Why Your Business Needs an eBook

You have a dedicated blog and it’s pulling in an audience and leads, but is there more that you can do to get your expertise out there? Why not create an eBook? What’s an eBook Anyway? An eBook is an electronic version of a traditionally printed book. They can be read on an eReader like [...]

jWeb Welcomes Liz Keimon to the Team

As businesses grow, the need for organization and efficiency is of the utmost importance. That is why we created a new position to help jWeb manage and organize projects and other tasks around the office. As such, we would like to welcome our newest member, Liz Keimon, to the team as our internal operations assistant. [...]

Attract More Customers to Your Site with Rich Media

Most of us remember the boring text-only websites of yesteryear. Now, sites are brimming with images, videos, and other content that makes interacting with it more enjoyable and rewarding. What makes all this content better and what can you do to keep up? Most users today have little time to read an article about a [...]