“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. ” ~ Phil Jackson

Meet the jWebbers

James Comparato

Owner / Principal

The founder of jWeb Media and a passionate evangelist for its products, services and its clients. He plays guitar and sings in various groups and has held tenure with a multitude of musical outfits throughout the years. You can currently see him perform with Junebug and the YoAngelos. He also collects things that go boom. Lastly, he is good looking.

Amy Comparato

Co-Founder / Vice President

Amy is one of the co-founders of jWeb and is likely to be the first person to greet you when you walk through the jWeb doors. She brings 20+ years of business experience to the table and has managed many awarding winning website projects. Amy’s second passion is horses. She loves learning about them, riding them, and blogging about them. If she arrives at a meeting with a piece of hay in her hair, now you know why.

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Joe Winze

Sales Consultant

Joe’s been selling/consulting for 20+ years. He loves helping people find what they are looking for in a fun professional way and guiding them through the process of their digital marketing and web project. Joe enjoys drumming, being in a band but not being a part of the band, not actually being bald and being a daddy (for real).

nate brown

Nate Brown

Art Director / Graphic Designer

Nate has landed at jWeb after a long journey through the world of print design. He’s brought with him a practical knowledge of design trends and a unique sense of humor. Away from the office, you can find Nate sleeping or spending time with his cats.

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Mat Camp

Digital Marketing Manager

Mat has more than eight years of journalism and digital marketing experience, which gives him a well-rounded approach to content development and online advertising. Never satisfied with the status quo, he is constantly brainstorming creative new ideas to engage viewers. In his free time, Mat struggles with an internal battle between his love of doing things outdoors and his passion for lazing the day away on the couch.

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Jimmy Parker

Front / Backend Developer

One of the original jWebber’s, Jimmy’s work experience includes back and front-end web development and drinking coffee until his head explodes. Outside of work he can be found jamming on guitar, coaxing fish onto a line or winning money at gaming competitions.


Julia White

Front and Back End Developer

With the attitude of “there’s nothing I can’t learn,” Julia White brings an immense ability to problem solve all of her tasks. Whether she is spearheading a project in full or handling client requests, she does so with assured confidence. And, she is tall. And, she is hard to outwit. And…

Liz Keimon

Liz Keimon

Internal Operations Assistant

Liz has often been called the organization and detail overachiever and she plans to bring her skills to the floor of jWeb.  When she is not documenting steps or working a spreadsheet, she enjoys time with her husband and daughter.


Sam Kampert

PHP/Web Developer

Sam has come to Jweb with the a strong foundation as a PHP/Web Developer. With an eagerness to learn, he is quickly becoming an expert in all the facets of Digital Media. If he is not at the office, he is more than likely coaching/playing lacrosse, cruising around on his longboard, or plucking a guitar at his home in St. Louis


Alanna Redenour

Content Strategist

Hailing from a galaxy far, far away, Alanna has been writing for as long as she can remember and has done everything from selling old toys to running errands for a dental office. When not teaching herself digital art, she can usually be found writing about faraway worlds or attempting to save the world in video games.

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